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Future of

Many users of the site and forums will have noticed that of late, the website and forum has suffered from a lack of input and attention. As the owner and developer of the site, I can only hold my hands up and apologise for the way the site has drifted away into obscurity.

I have run this site for almost seven years now and put in a lot of time, effort and money into keeping this non-profit making site up and running as best I can.

Unfortunately after some deep soul searching I feel it is time to "hand in the keys" and
either seek new owners/developers for the site or simply shut it down.

Time is now my own worst enemy, I have a busy family and work life and cannot devote the time such a site deserves. I realised only a few months ago when it was becoming a chore to make some file changes, only then I knew the time had come when this "hobby" had become a white elephant of which I had lost interest in.

I will either find suitable owners who are willing to take care of the site and help develop it or sadly it will be shut down.

My ideal scenario would be to find a weather weenie in Canada, someone who has knowledge in website and server administration, along with experience of Invision board administration.

Would that be you? Interested, then feel free to drop me a line so we can chat more:
Ask for Bob at,

I want to give this a month or so before making a final decision but the sooner the wheels are in motion the sooner I can get this burden taken away. I am not interested in handing over this site to someone who wants to make a few bucks, I would like to see the site remain and prosper.

It can and does have good revenue prospects through various ad campaigns. The site has been relatively self sustaining through google ads. Of course as potential new owners you would be free to manage and change the site to do as you please.

Members can either PM me under member name KOSH, or drop me an email to:

Sadly if no new owners or owners whom I feel are not suitable for the site are found then I will have no alternative to shut it down.

Think Lord Kitchener, " needs you!"

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Owner and Developer of

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