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Marine weather log database for a cellphone -- my experience

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A few years ago, I made a PDA HanDBase database to log weather observations while cruising. I had a Palm personal data assistant at the time, but HanDBase is written for multiple platforms, so when I later reverted to a Windows Mobile device, it was easy to port the database to the other platform. I'm big into computers, so it was natural that...

Home Weatherstation

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We live only a couple of miles from an official weather station, so it seems kinda silly to want a home weather monitoring system. It would have to be just for hobby, but I can see using it to track more detail than available from EC's websites. And it passes the time doing something interesting with the home computer and Internet...

Digital Desk Barometer

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A few years ago, I bought a little digital weather barometer for the boat, made by Weems & Plath, the famous makers of sextants. This little barometer goes on the boat in the spring, and back to my desk at home in the fall. It has been working perfectly for years, running on a couple of AA batteries replaced every year or two.

The barometer...

The Weather Glass

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I received a weather glass...

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