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Future of

Many users of the site and forums will have noticed that of late, the website and forum has suffered from a lack of input and attention. As the owner and developer of the site, I can only hold my hands up and apologise for the way the site has drifted away into obscurity.

I have run this site for almost seven years...

Facebook comes to

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For those interested, we have finally joined the revolution that is Facebook. Feel free to "join in" and post away on the wall. Hopefully it will benefit everyone including perhaps getting some of those 1300 or so members to participate here on the forums.

I`ll be adding a few Facebook buttons to the website and forums in the next few...

Analysis charts down

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We experienced a hard drive failure on the server that generates our in-house analysis charts. As we co-locate this particular server we had to wait for a new drive to be shipped to Chicago. The hard drive is scheduled to be installed tomorrow, a new OS will be installed and we hope to get the analysis products back up and running by late Sunday...

Update, winter weather pages

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Just an update to the development of the winter weather pages.

We are now into mid February, technically little over a month is remaining of the winter although more often than not it can last longer in some regions.

We have decided to postpone the winter weather pages until next season. It would be a tremendous waste of time spending weeks...

Are you a Meteorologist Looking to Give Back to Your Profession?

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ECO Canada is partnering with CMOS and Environment Canada in a project aimed to compile National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Meteorologists and Meteorological Technicians in Canada. The end goal of this project is to develop a standard national certification program for meteorological practitioners through CECAB (...

Satellite images

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We`re going to start working on producing satellite imagery for the website. We want to make this our niche offering where people come to the site to view our cool new satellite images. These will be unique to Canada.

There will be no tiny thumbnail size images where you need glasses to view them, these will be something to sink your teeth into....

Snow and climate charts

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Couple of new additions online this evening.

Snow and freezing rain (icing) 1, 2 and 3 day forecast

We have also made use of HPC coverage of southern Canada to offer these medium range temperature and precipitation outlooks

Winter goodies

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Many people have kindly e-mailed the website asking when the winter pages will be coming online.

Unfortunately there is no time-line, however I appreciate with the winter Olympics just around the corner this would be a good opportunity to at least get something up and running.

What we hope to launch before the Olympics begin:

  • ...

Snow observations

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We`re looking at a way to depict snow on ground observations either in map format or through text reports. There seems to be a lack of Canadian snow reports available on the worldwide web , hopefully we can fill that hole. EC does provide analysis however I find their maps to be cluttered making individual stations hard to see.

European charts

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Europe has not been forgotten. Our temperature contour maps have now been released for Europe in four different regions (West/Atlantic, Mainland, UK and the Med). As a bonus feature our Europe maps not only plot contours but also observations, fronts and isobars are plotted.

Due to the limited nature of European weather data we can only offer...

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