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Back Door Cold Front A cold front moving south or southwest along the Atlantic seaboard and Great Lakes; these ...
Banner Cloud A cloud plume often observed to extend downwind behind isolated mountain peaks, even on otherwise ...
Baroclinic Zone A region in which a temperature gradient exists on a constant pressure surface. Baroclinic zones ...
Barotropic System A weather system in which temperature and pressure surfaces are coincident, i.e., temperature is uniform ...
Base Reflectivity One of the three fundamental quantities (along with base [radial] velocity and spectrum width) that ...
Beaufort Scale The Beaufort wind scale is a system used to estimate and report wind speeds when ...
Bomb Popular expression of a rapid intensification of a cyclone (low pressure) with surface pressure expected ...
Bow Echo A radar echo which is linear but bent outward in a bow shape. Damaging straight-line ...
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City Weather

Sunny 8°C
Mostly Sunny 12°C
Partly Cloudy 7°C
Mostly Cloudy 11°C
Mostly Cloudy 9°C
Snow Showers 0°C
Cloudy 4°C
Mostly Sunny -3°C
Cloudy 0°C
Mostly Sunny 12°C

Last Update: 6:00 PM Apr 24 2017

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