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Echo Energy back scattered from a target (precipitation, clouds, etc.) and received by and displayed on ...
ECMWF European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. Operational references in forecast discussions typically refer to the ...
El Nino A warming of the ocean current along the coasts of Peru and Ecuador that is ...
ENSO Abbreviation for El Niņo-Southern Oscillation, a reference to the state of the Southern Oscillation. ...
Environmental Lapse Rate The rate of decrease of air temperature with height, usually measured with a radiosonde. ...
Exosphere The upper most layer of the earth's atmosphere; the only layer where atmospheric gases can ...
Extratropical A term used in advisories and tropical summaries to indicate that a cyclone has lost ...
Extratropical Low A low pressure center which refers to a migratory frontal cyclone of middle and higher ...
Eye The relatively calm center in a hurricane that is more than one half surrounded by ...
Eye Wall It is an organized band of cumuliform clouds that immediately surrounds the center (eye) of ...
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City Weather

Light Rain 3°C
Scattered Snow Showers -1°C
Partly Cloudy -2°C
Mostly Cloudy -3°C
Areas of Fog -4°C
Partly Cloudy -2°C
Partly Cloudy 5°C
Mostly Clear N/A
Cloudy 2°C
Light Rain 7°C

Last Update: 6:00 AM Mar 25 2017