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Ice Crystals A barely visible crystalline form of ice that has the shape of needles, columns or ...
Ice Fog A type of fog, composed of suspended particles of ice; partly ice crystals 20 to ...
Ice Pellets Same as Sleet; defined as pellets of ice composed of frozen or mostly frozen raindrops ...
Icelandic Low A semi-permanent, subpolar area of low pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of its ...
Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) The region where the northeasterly and southeasterly trade winds converge, forming an often continuous ...
Inversion Generally, a departure from the usual increase or decrease in an atmospheric property with altitude. ...
Iridescent Clouds Clouds that exhibit brilliant bright spots, bands, or borders of colors, usually red and green, ...
Isobar A line connecting points of equal pressure. ...
Isopleth A broad term for any line on a weather map connecting points with equal values ...
Isotherm A line connecting points of equal temperature. ...
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City Weather

Sunny 8°C
Mostly Sunny 12°C
Partly Cloudy 7°C
Mostly Cloudy 11°C
Mostly Cloudy 9°C
Snow Showers 0°C
Cloudy 4°C
Mostly Sunny -3°C
Cloudy 0°C
Mostly Sunny 12°C

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